Welcome to Hyperledger Cactus documentation!

Hyperledger Cactus aims to provide Decentralized, Secure and Adaptable Integration between Blockchain Networks. Hyperledger Cactus is currently undergoing a major refactoring effort to enable the desired to-be architecture which will enable plug-in based collaborative development to increase the breadth of use cases & Ledgers supported.

What is Cactus?

A pluggable, enterprise-grade framework to transact on multiple distributed ledgers without introducing yet another competing blockchain.

  • Cactus allows developers to abstract the application layer from the DLT addressing protocol fragmentation, lowering coupling and reducing implementation risks​

  • Cactus allows different DLT networks to interact with each other, through atomic transactions and state commits, this eliminates information silos and increases network’s value​

Why use Cactus?

  • Maximize flexibility and future-proofing through plug-in architecture. ​

  • Avoid needing explicit action from users to have a secure Cactus deployment. Policies such as vaults are built into the SDK​

  • Keys and other credentials are not stored in source, configuration files, or environment variables​

  • Preserving Ledger Features Horizontal Scalability.​